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The HIPTHER FESTIVAL includes  3 conferences that are designed to bring together innovation with compliance via several talks and discussions in multiple industries.

The festival includes the following conferences:

    Provisional AgendaUpdates about the official program announcement will be sent to all registered participants

    TECH Conference Europe Autumn Edition – 24 November 2020

    Blockchain and AI day (24 November) – Disruption, Ethics And More

    • Financial Disruption: Opportunities And Challenges
    • Payment Processors And The Need To Adapt
    • Financial Inclusion And DEFI
    • Emerging Economies, Credibility Crises And Cryptocurrency
    • Bringing Ai Development Into Human-Machine Ethics
    • Ethical Implications Of Ai Development On Modern Life
    • Blockchain & Ai In Healthcare
    • The New Face Of Education In The 21st Century
    • Decentralized Flexible Organizations
    • Regulations, Rights And Responsibilities For AI