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Press Releases

HIPTHER Agency welcomes Aurel Cantor in the Sales team and Hunor Pál in the Content team

We are excited to welcome more #hipthers on board and continue our growth.

The latest announced #hipthers are Aurel Cantor and Hunor Pál.

The #hipthers are active on three continents (Europe, North America, and South America) and cater content for multiple industries such as Entertainment, Gaming and Gambling, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Quantum Technology, Legal Cannabis, Health and Lifestyle, VR/AR, eSports and many more.

Aurel is joining the Sales team and will manage the ever-growing portfolio of services offered by our agency. Having a Data Entry and Accounts Payable background, Aurel is a perfect fit for the agency’s culture. You can reach Aurel at [email protected].

As a B2B Sales Executive, Aurel is in charge of providing the best possible advertising opportunities for HIPTHER Agency clients and prospects on all media outlets owned and operated by the #hipthers.

Hunor Pál is joining the agency as Content Editor on PICANTE.Today and is in charge of showcasing the awesome speakers and moderators from the agency meetups, summits and conferences.

Hunor studies biomedical engineering at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He is an open-minded person, always willing to try new things and give back something to the community through his work. He has participated in several volunteering activities and is currently working in event organization of the Hungarian Students Union of Cluj (HSUC), the Hungarian Students’ Union of Romania (HSUR), and ÉRTED, a Transylvanian Hungarian student initiative working in the fields of culture, science, economy, and environment.

You can reach Hunor at [email protected].

“There is certainly some satisfaction when seeing a company grow. However, it’s even more exciting to shape these minds and convert them into #hipthers. With this occasion I would like to welcome Aurel and Hunor to our awesome team”, stated Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther Agency.

Press Releases

HIPTHER Agency welcomes Gáspár Incze (a.k.a. Jasper or The Kid) to the editorial team

The team at HIPTHER Agency, a leading media/news organization and boutique-style conference specialist (digital and in-person), is excited to announce that starting this August, Gáspár Incze will join the team as Content Editor.

The #hipthers are active on three continents (Europe, North America, and South America) and cater content for multiple industries such as Entertainment, Gaming and Gambling, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Quantum Technology, Legal Cannabis, Health and Lifestyle, VR/AR, eSports and many more.

Gáspár, a.k.a. Jasper or The Kid, is the youngest member of the team. Currently a university student, he is studying management at Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Gáspár participated in several social initiatives, having volunteered as a tour guide at the Teleki Castle in the village of Gornești and currently working at ÉRTED, a Transylvanian Hungarian student initiative committed to community work, mainly in the cultural, scientific, economic, and environmental areas.

As a content editor and author, Gáspár is in charge of producing quality content on some of the media outlets owned and operated by the #hipthers, in particular on PICANTE.today, TheBlockchainExaminer.com, TheFintechBuzz.com, Roboticulized.com, and GrassNews.net.

“We are always excited to welcome new team members who are closely connected to our culture of doing things. Having fresh energy around the office and directing this energy to our readers is part of our mission and will be continuously part of our future”, stated Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther Agency.

“I am glad to be joining Hipther and be part of such a friendly team with a spirit of initiative. I have always wanted to educate myself in a range of areas. I believe working at the agency complements my studies and sets me off on a journey towards becoming a more knowledgeable and informed person. Being able to share this knowledge with the readers is the cherry on top”, commented Gáspár Incze, Content Editor-Author at Hipther Agency.


Press Releases

You are invited to the International Women’s Day initiative by the #hipthers (online meetup on Diversity and Inclusion)

    • Hipther Agency announces virtual meetup with more than 30 strong women of TECH and Compliance

    The #hipthers are already taking on the year 2021 with full strength and the focus is on continuous growth and expansions. But, besides juggling several projects simultaneously, the team is not forgetting about International Women’s Day.

    In our days, technology companies are implementing initiatives for underrepresented employees, providing training on how to create inclusive environments and mitigate biases, integrating diversity and inclusion best practices into all candidate, employee, customer, and vendor programs, connecting with the communities to recruit diverse talent and much more!

    This is why the hipthers have decided to put together a virtual meetup on the 8th of March which will focus on Diversity and Inclusion. The meeting will be hosted via ZOOM between 9:30 CET – 11:30 CET.

    The meetup is free to attend and you can register on the following link: https://techconference.eu/register-now/

    The registration will also grant you access to the upcoming TECH Conference Europe Spring Edition, which will take place on the 16 of March. More details here.

    The 3 hours meeting gives the opportunity to hear and engage with female tech & compliance leaders, while also contributing to a forward-thinking discussion about Diversity and Inclusion.

    Among the already confirmed names, you will find:

    • Jovita Gabniene – Dispute Resolution & Entertainment Attorney at Ellex Valiunas (moderator)
    • Vilija Buteniene – COO and Co-founder at Insoftia (moderator)
    • Roxana Nasoi – Strategic Advocate for Privacy and Open Source. CSO at i25s ApS (Tagion Protocol)
    • Teuta Oruci – Founder at CleanTech360
    • Amy Peck – Founder & CEO at EndeavorVR
    • Kamile Kliukiene – COO at Reaching For Zero
    • Mihaela Ulieru – President at IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy
    • Ana Georgieva – Recruitment and Employee Engagement Specialist at IT Labs
    • Martina Filipović – Senior Marketing Manager at Softray Solutions
    • Sima Baktas – Founder of Crypto Women Turkey
    • Aysun Ekşioğlu – Co-founder at E-Sports Women Turkey
    • Bakk Ágnes – Immersive Media Researcher at Random Error Studio
    • Ana-Maria Baciu – Managing Partner at Simion & Baciu Law Firm
    • Lyubomira Petrova – Chief Marketing Officer at UltraPlay
    • Lee-Ann Johnstone – CEO & Founder at AffiliateINSIDER

    More names are being added daily! So make sure you do not miss out on this unique opportunity.

    TECH Conference Europe series

    Additionally, the team is adapting all the tech industry conferences to virtual mode. Thus, in 2021 all editions of TECH Conference Europe and the PICANTE Marketing Summit will be held online, the calendar looking the following way:

    • March 16, 2021 – TECH Conference Spring (Virtual)
    • June 15, 2021 – TECH Conference Baltics (Virtual)
    • July 21, 2021 – PICANTE MARKETING Summit (Virtual)
    • October 21, 2021 – TECH Conference Europe (Autumn Edition) – Virtual

    To receive constant updates about the registration opening and agenda updates, subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/hfyZxf

    For sponsorship/speaking inquiries, make sure to reach out to Andrada Marginean (B2B Sales Executive at Hipther Agency) at [email protected]

    For media-related inquiries, please contact Alexandru Marginean (Marketing Specialist at Hipther Agency) at [email protected]